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LaNewsFactory 0.6.2p1
Security fix: download now!

LaNewsFactory 0.6.2 is a PHP web news and forums engine. It has been designed to be as easy to manage as it is possible. So, it requires nothing more than a PHP enabled HTTP server. No database is required. New features : security fix in check habilitation.

HTML templates
The 0.6.1 version of LaNewsFactory comes with HTML templates support. This functionnality provides easy customization of LNF. By this way, the webmaster can integrate LaNewsFactory in his site with a consistent look & feel.
More details on documentation ...

Topics, Thread and Moderation
LaNewsFactory provides topics functionnality. It allows you to manage several themes of discussion on the same site. LNF provides also the capability to answer to an answer. It is implemented in a threaded way with a depth of displayed answers that can be customized by the site admin. A moderation feature on new message posts (not yet on answers) is also available.

No database
This design choice allows every webmaster to set up a web news & forums function on his site without any database constraint. Why would you embarrassed yourself with database when you can avoid it ?

Web news & forums
LaNewsFactory provides a single tool for two different usages : forums and news engine. Due to the graphic administration, you can switch from one behavior to the other in a single click !

License : GPL
LaNewsFactory is a free software and is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Enjoy, modify and distribute it freely !